The Role of the IT Asset Management (IT AM) Team in Melbourne


ITC Asset Management

The ITC Asset Management (ITC AM) team in Melbourne is an expert in the technology and services that are now becoming the standard for the private banking industry. They provide a full range of client solutions for banks, superannuation companies, retail investors and wealth managers.

The benefits of the ITC Asset Management (IT AM) team in Melbourne include high-quality technical and financial advisory, selection of high-performing assets and selecting the best available market solutions. The clients they serve include investment managers, wealth managers, public sector companies, financial planners and custodians. 

ITC Asset Management

The firm also has experience of providing corporate finance, wealth management and tax advice to several financial institutions. The clients of the IT Asset Management (IT AM) team include Citibank, AMP, Bank of Queensland, Standard Life, Aviva, Westpac, ANZ Bank, Halifax and BankSA. According to Business Victoria, one of the most popular commercial banking products today is Private Wealth Management. The goal of Private Wealth Management is to help the client build a wealthy retirement portfolio.

The employees of the ITC Asset Management (IT AM) team in Melbourne can help create and manage the private wealth portfolios of clients. With the help of the Private Wealth Management team, clients can choose from many different types of managed funds, including equities, fixed income and hybrid funds. Other investment options offered by the team include value stocks, growth stocks, international funds, bond funds, dividend equities and more. 



The ITC Asset Management team provides the entire investment process including selection of assets, choosing investments, asset management and implementation of a strategy for client returns.

Another benefit of the ITC Asset Management (ITC AM) team in Melbourne is that they are also responsible for facilitating the integration of their client services with the other services offered by the company. For example, if a client has chosen an institution as their custodian, they will integrate this custodian with other important components such as investment management and trading platforms. All of these components are very important for a successful private banking portfolio.

The flexibility and sophistication of these services are why they are becoming the standard for the client’s portfolio. For example, the team in Melbourne makes sure that the client’s investment portfolio is diversified across markets, assets and instruments, which minimise risk. They also make sure that the investment and asset management team maintain the client’s privacy when it comes to the most important decision – how much they invest and how they manage their investment.

ITC Asset Management

As well as overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Private Wealth Management team, the team in Melbourne manages the investments made by the clients. The staff in Melbourne also ensures that the client’s investments are safe. They take care of the process of protecting the client’s interests, such as ensuring that their custodian keeps assets within the client’s control, with complete and transparent disclosure policies.

The ITC Asset Management (ITC AM) team in Melbourne is also responsible for other key functions, such as the distribution of funds and investments, portfolio performance analysis, fund design and portfolio optimization. The staff in Melbourne also ensures that the client’s private banking information is kept secure at all times.

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