Tips For Securing Your Data With a Secure Data Wipes

Secure data wipe

No secure data wipe software designed for an SSD can effectively work on a magnetic hard drive. If you overwrite the whole file, all data blocks on the hard disk will be destroyed, leaving leftover data on the device that can quickly (if not entirely!) be recovered by forensic experts.

There are two main types of Secure Data Wipe programs, the first one being the one that can read from a file and then makes a copy of the data on the storage device’s interface.

Secure Data Wipe
This type can make copies through a specialized encryption scheme, which has a petite size compared to the actual file. This feature makes it very difficult for anyone but the authorized user of the storage device to extract the information. You may also find it helpful to note that this kind of data-wiping program is unable to create another copy of your data after overwriting, as the data is overwritten completely.

The second kind of secure data wipe software is the one that can erase your data by using a completely different algorithm, with a much more substantial amount of data. This algorithm overwrites the data with random data, making it almost impossible for anyone to identify where exactly the information came from and whether it is authentic. In fact, this is also the type of software that would be the best for data destruction, as there are very few other ways that it can be done.


Secure data wipe

The main reason why this type of Secure Data Wipe program works better than the first one is because the first one requires that your computer be restarted to get your data backed up again. This is also inconvenient, and even a significant factor why data loss happens to occur most often. This is also because if you accidentally erase your hard disk, there is a good chance that the system cannot boot into the BIOS, because of a bad sector on your hard drive. The only way for this situation to be resolved is to install a new operating system and have everything restored.

The Secure Data Wizard (SDW) can encrypt your files using a proprietary algorithm, which makes it impossible for anyone else to recover the data on your storage device’s interface. To do so, it uses a “backup” of the file on your computer. Once the encryption process is complete, all of your data will be lost. And the SDW will create another backup that will be used by the computer after the encryption process is finished.

The SDW has a built-in scheduler, which allows you to set the intervals at which you want to back up your files. This ensures that you can create backups anytime you want, and even whenever you decide, you need them. Since it is instrumental and can create backups automatically, the SDW is the ideal choice for protecting your sensitive information.

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