12 seater van hire

For the environmentally-conscious or for those wanting more space, a van rental is the most economical way to transport people. When renting a van, check the full-size van rentals as they will often offer a longer distance with your luggage and other items. A second-hand van may be the best choice.

The next question to ask is, “How do I get the right accommodation for my family?” This can be a difficult decision but ask for help from the rental company. Many of them are able to arrange things for you. Remember, you can also ask for assistance from other members of your party if there are any children in the party.

Do I need a room for everyone? Some 12 seater van hire companies will provide extra rooms. In some cases, the extra rooms will even include access to the kitchens, meaning that extra money is saved by not having to cook all the food.

Do I need to pack bags? You may have already packed and stowed items, but consider packing a few items on your own. You never know what might be in your bags, especially when moving out of the UK.

Is it worth it to buy a carpet? Some rental vans will have carpeted sections while others will only have hard-flooring. So, if you have a lot of items such as crockery and glasses, it might be worth having a carpet.

What is the maximum space available? If your family is particularly large, ask for a quote based on the number of adults. Some rental companies offer larger ones with good facilities and seating arrangements.

 12 seater van hire

Will we be having a communal area for drinks? Some rent vans come with open seating areas, while others only come with a communal table or booth. You may be able to find a van with enough space for a common room.

Is there a compartment for drinks? Some rent vans have communal areas with double seating arrangements. You might be able to find a rental van that has a compartment that includes several drink holders for a combined cost.

Is there enough space for the kids to play games? Having games for children helps keep the space neat and tidy and allows for extra activity during the day.

Will I be able to move easily to different seating arrangements? Consider how much space you will need and ask about the distances you will be travelling.

Are you planning to use the van for moving people around or is it going to be your home on wheels? Many companies will be able to provide you with information on how many vehicles they have on their fleet and which type of vehicles they can be used for.

The most important question is, “Are you ready to take the plunge?” You should have a general idea of the answers to these questions before deciding to use one of these cards for your long-distance move.

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