Myjob is a unique program of education designed to transform individuals from juvenile to adult correctional institutions. Through a holistic, strengths-based approach, the MyJob program challenges traditional correctional trajectories for juvenile inmates. They are incarcerated, as they develop essential life skills, confidence and necessary leadership skills.

When completed successfully, MyJob graduates will have a greater understanding of their surroundings and how to utilize their strengths. Through a comprehensive educational curriculum, the program also provides its participants with an experience of their criminal justice and the consequences of their actions.

Although MyJob has been criticized for not achieving its intended purpose of preparing its graduates for successful careers outside the prison, there are several areas of criticism that can be traced back to the curriculum of MyJob. For example, students often find that the focus on the educational and societal aspects of correctional facilities leads to misconceptions about their own lives. There is a severe lack of attention given to students’ socialization and emotional growth, both of which can help them overcome barriers to reintegrating into the community upon release.

Many who participate in MyJob believe the positive outcomes are more than enough to justify its cost. However, in many cases, MyJob graduates are disappointed by their experience after returning to their communities. MyJob’s emphasis on “personal responsibility”accountability” is not always clear-cut, which has created some confusion amongst its participants.


While some participants do receive positive feedback from community organizations or employers upon completion of their programs, other participants report that their community life is not conducive to the implementation of MyJob in their lives. Additionally, some participants expressed concerns regarding the amount of time it takes to achieve meaningful change, particularly compared to other programs.

Regardless of the positive or negative feedback received from participants, MyJob remains one of the most effective programs to date explicitly designed for inmates serving time in a correctional facility. MyJob can be beneficial for both offenders and families; however, it is essential to remember that no program will work for everyone.

Because each program will require varying levels of commitment from participants, MyJob must be administered by a trained professional who can effectively tailor a plan to meet the needs of the participants. Additionally, the program must be managed by a firm that is committed to implementing a holistic approach, incorporating all elements of correctional programs. This approach allows participants to learn and grow while earning positive feedback on their personal development and interpersonal skills while they are simultaneously participating in a supportive work environment.

In addition to the problems mentioned above, MyJob is also criticized for having a lack of supervision by a firm that manages correctional programs at the federal and state level. MyJob requires an experienced firm to ensure its success.

No matter what the concerns and misgivings you may have about MyJob, I urge you to review the MyJob curriculum to determine if it can serve your needs. If you are still hesitant, my firm can assist you in developing an alternative plan of action.

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