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Are you going through a time when you have to extend your current stay in Australia? Every international visa holder goes through this scenario today.  The department of immigration does not tolerate any delays in visa applying now. 

Therefore, you have to obey this Australian immigration law and plan your next visa extension accordingly. The importance of planning this hectic task with an immigration lawyer is understandable. However, a few myths related to so-called these experts travel across Australia. 

As a leading law service operating in the Melbourne region, we should bust those myths and show you the right side of it. 

Registered Migration Agents Are Useless: Even now, you will come across articles under this topic. A famous article is on bogus legal advice provided by immigration lawyers. One such post is more than sufficient to ruin this whole service. 

In a way, we also agree with those articles; we have explained to you that bogus migration lawyers do exist in Melbourne. Anyway, that doesn’t come to the conclusion — all lawyers are useless.

  • As a visa applicant, you have to play a role for yourself. How hard you tried to enter Australia in the first hand? Maybe you hired a qualified immigration lawyer. Unfortunately, a few visa holders take it easy once they enter the country. In other words, they don’t plan future visa extensions. 
  • The code of conduct of migration lawyers is a prime factor to consider here. For example, what if the lawyer you meet says this, “I know someone in the visa office. He/she will help you with this!” Would you believe such fake stories?
  • In the Melbourne CBD, you can find hundreds of genuine lawyers. A quick tip: follow our previous posts on this crucial topic. 

Migration Lawyer Melbourne

Visa Applying Is Not A Complex Process: As a Migration lawyer Melbourne service, we should reveal the truth. Depending on the visa category, the process gets complicated. Thus, nobody should take it easy today. If you go overconfident and think it this way, “I can manage it myself?” 

Anybody holding the permanent resident would not look for future visa extensions. Unfortunately, the country’s immigration laws restrict those opportunities to a greater extent now. Over the past few years, many existed visa options became outdated ones.

  1. Currently, applying for any Australian visa is a hectic process. Therefore, the chance that you get it wrong yourself is high. 
  2. If you don’t hire Australian migration agents for complex visa extensions, such as family visas, then you will mostly lose the battle. 
  3. Let’s say you are an investor from another country. You choose Australia for your life-changing investment. For this, you need to apply for a business visa. Without the support of experts who know the Australian immigration law from A to Z, would you get this so-called complex visa? 

For such visa extensions, you need tons of legal advice from qualified migration lawyers in Melbourne. Don’t be overconfident and become a loser!

Myths Related To Partner Visa: Even though this doesn’t take place in Australia, it takes place in other countries. What is it? We call it bogus marriages. What is the purpose of this fake partnership? Getting married to an Australian citizen makes you eligible for the Australian PR. 

There’s a myth related to this aspect, though. Immigration services arrange partners/spouses to get their clients the PR. It may have happened in Australia in the past. Anyway, immigration law doesn’t have any holes today. In the meantime, no genuine migration lawyer Melbourne service offers such black services.

As the visa applicant, you will get into immense trouble if you choose bogus lawyers for this purpose. They will demand thousands of dollars, you will spend it, but the visa officer discovers you as a fake visa applicant. The same may take place with employer-sponsored visas, too. 

  • Understand that fake or bogus marriages are not the right way for legal visa extensions. The department of immigration has implemented robust methods to reveal any such bogus applications. Therefore, you will waste thousands of dollars. Also, you will get a black mark on your visa history that will prevent you from entering Australia forever. 
  • Know that many valid visa extensions are available now. Thus, you don’t have to lose yourself by hiring bogus immigration lawyers in Melbourne.

Migration Lawyer Melbourne

Suggesting The Most Expensive Visa Extension: Another myth that downgrades this useful, expert service. Currently, over ten legal visa options are available. The right option for you could be the most complicated one. Also, it depends on what you exactly need. For example, you want your whole family in Australia. Therefore, you apply for family visas. In such complicated cases, the migration lawyer in Melbourne does a lot for you. Within the process, the lawyer will recommend many aspects to support your claim. Sometimes, visa applicants tend to assume it wrongly. In other words, they think that the lawyer demands too many things to charge more money. 

  • The authenticity of the law service is the factor that gives you a guarantee on this aspect.
  • If you did your online research and choose the best lawyer available in Melbourne, then you can rely on their service and legal advice 100%. You don’t need to suspect them for anything afterwards. 
  • Australian migration agents do their best for clients. However, this so-called “the offered service” changes to a greater extent, depending on who you pick. If you are in the mindset of spending the least money, then the end result would be a disaster.

Closing Thoughts: For you, we have busted a few myths that downgrade this useful service. You have to be smart and choose the right law service in Melbourne. Out of hundreds of migration agents in Melbourne, the right one for you is somewhere existing. 

Demel is a migration lawyer Melbourne firm, and our comprehensive service makes you a winner, no matter how complex is your immigration matter or requirement. 

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