Facts That Nobody Told You About Melbourne Airport Parking Rates

Melbourne airport parking rates

Melbourne airport parking rates:

Then your holiday has been booked, and you’re unusual to go! The only thing left is: how am I going to get to the Melbourne Airport Parking Rates? Well, you may be one of the lucky ones who can twist a friend’s arm for an elevator. Still, we don’t like your chances whether it’s early morning or late night trip, or if you’re itinerant as a family or as a community. So without special favours or a lot of carrier pigeons to get you there, you can choose from the three critical choices.

Booking airport parking is not that far from booking your planes. You’re always going to find the best deals online, and it helps to be early. Leave it last minute, and you could only discover that much of the Melbourne¬†airport parking rates are sold out, and the rates went through the roof.

With that in mind, we’ve gathered a wealth of details about Melbourne Airport Parking Rates so that you can get the best price likely. This includes the authorized Melbourne Airport car parks, from the Value Short Stay to the Luxury Valet Parking Facility, and a few local private car parks cheaper for more extended stays.


Melbourne airport parking rates

Short-term parking for Melbourne Airport

If you’re looking for a short-term car park at Melbourne Airport, the primary options are Value Short Stay Car Park and Terminal Car Park (T123, & T4). These car parks encourage you to book up to 24 hours per hour, which is perfect for anybody who drops or picks up passengers. As long as you intend to pick up your car within 48 hours, these plans are almost adequate.

Price Short Stay Car Park provides the highest prices on any stay of longer than 30 minutes. It is significant to remember that the Worth Short Stay Car Park is a short distance from the stations. The reservation price includes a free shuttle bus service in all directions, which operates every 10 minutes.

Melbourne Airport Parking Rates

Long term parking for Melbourne Airport

Long term parking is also the most significant value for journeys of a few days or more. Melbourne Airport has a designated Long Term Car Park, which costs $25.00 for the first 24 hours, and $49.00 for two days, and $69.00 for three. Travellers needing long-stay parking still have the option of using Value Car Park, but there is no distinction between the two. They’re all park and ride facilities, with shuttle bus transfers to the terminals.

Value Car Park also has the same price scheme as Long Term Car Park, costing $25.00 for the first day, $49.00 for two days, and $69.00 for three days. Long Term Car Park and Luxury Car Park are cheaper than at Terminal T123 & T4 Car Park and Luxury Car Park.

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