7 Seater Car Hire

Would you drive in your own car to the airport for departure flight, or you hire a car with a driver? Passenger transport is a service in Australia. The government fulfils it through busses, trains, and so on. Private options such as taxi or chauffeur hire are other handy alternatives. 

Lion Car Rentals is a leader in car and other vehicle hires. We rent vehicles for your convenience. Even if you are not financially stable to buy a luxury car, but you can rent your preferred car and use it for your unique travel requirements. Today, we compare one of our highest-demanded car hire packages, which is the seven-seater. 

People Mover: These vehicles fall under the passenger transport vehicle category. However, we have to consider the fact — can any driver who holds the general driver’s license drive it? For example, can you operate a bus? Thus, we compare vehicles that you can drive yourself. 

We rent other large-scale vehicles such as minibuses and transport trucks. Therefore, we are your one-stop vehicle renter in Melbourne. 

  • General cars: Most general cars can accommodate up to four passengers. If you really want to drive relaxed, then three is the number of passengers that can comfortably drive in it. If you are a business owner or VIP, then you would drive alone, most of the time. In this case, you can rely on these cars, but you would also focus on its class. 

7 Seater Car Hire

A four-seater car is more than enough for families that only comprise 3-4 members. How can we compare this with the 7 seater car hire option? It is clear that the seven-seater is more spacious. Thus, even if your family comprises only four members, but this car can keep all safe and relaxed. 

When considering safety, a bigger vehicle always provides it more. When you hire a four-seater with a driver, and your family comprises four members, then one would have to be on the front seat. When considering the safety of your family, you may not prefer it. If you can hire a larger vehicle in which all your family members can sit on the back seats, then safety is guaranteed. 

  • The seating arrangement of spacious cars takes the safety of passengers into consideration. The more you are away from the front of the vehicle, it lowers the possibility that you may get injured by road accidents. This safety factor becomes a prime element when planning family tours. 
  • Let’s say you have many things to carry. For example, when three of you drive to a Melbourne airport with big luggage. Would you hire a general car in this case? When you rent a car, you should focus on what you have to carry. A seven-seater is more practical as you can keep some bags or suitcases on vacant seats. 
  • The number of increased seats doesn’t affect the overall fuel consumption and car’s efficiency status much, anyway.

7 Seater Car Hire And Vans: Vans are remarkable people movers, and there are no arguments about it. However, cars get hired more than vans, which is a fact to consider here. What is the reason behind this trend? Cars are for all. For example, even VIPs and business owners prefer cars over minibuses and vans. Most of our clients contact us for car hire and rentals. What are the times when a van hire is more beneficial? The maximum number of passengers that can drive in any car is seven. However, most transport services suggest the number six. 

If your passenger group comprises over seven individuals, then a van is the best choice. On the other hand, it comes with a few disadvantages, too. The person who drives a large van should be a master in driving on busy roads. Would you book a van for weekend shopping? However, you will book a car for such day-to-day travel needs. Therefore, vans are passenger movers that are suitable for road trips, staff travel, and so on. 

Other Seater People Movers: Other than vans, we can highlight minibuses as regular passenger transport vehicles. You may not drive it with your general driver’s license, though. Nevertheless, those minibuses are the best choice for mass passenger transport requirements. 

In Australia, vehicle renters like us maintain high-grade minibuses that are, in a way, equal to the luxury that of vans. For corporate events and staff trips, this is a sound choice. Since this vehicle is able to carry up to 12 passengers, we can’t compare it with 7 seater car hire. The choice is yours; if you prefer a car over a van and similar passenger transport vehicles, then book two seven-seater cars. Anyway, it would cost you more money. 

7 Seater Car Hire

Driving A 7-seater?: Yes, these cars are very similar to general 4-seater cars, making its driving almost the same. A considerable percentage of clients hire it with an experienced driver, though. Let’s say you search for a luxury seven-seater, but you have never driven such big cars before. In such cases, clients fear operating it on busy roads. 

Hiring a car and driving it yourself makes you responsible for its safety. Also, if the vehicle stops in the middle of the road due to a malfunction, which won’t happen if you rent it from a reputable car hire service like us, then you will have to contact roadside assistance. If a driver is there from the vehicle renter, then you are stress-free of such hassles. 

Tips For Seater Car Rental: Understand your travel need first. When you can fulfil a particular journey with a general car, then you don’t need to spend money on 7 seater car hire. On the other hand, when over four passengers are there to travel, then you shouldn’t hire a four-seater to save money. In reality, you won’t save money through such mistakes or wrong choices. 

Whether you consider a general or full-passenger-transport vehicle, make sure it is in sound condition. Also, a valid reason has to be there for you to consider hiring a car without driving in your own one. Thus, think carefully and decide — I drive it myself or hire it with a driver?

Lion Car Rentals For Your Needs: As mentioned, we rent many vehicle classes. Cars, vans, minibuses, and even transport trucks. You can hire those to drive yourself or handover the driving part to one of our experienced vehicle operators. 


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