Sri Lanka Jobs

How to create jobs? This is the question that we should ask ourselves. Over the past few years, thousands of graduates and other individuals were wasting their time on roads, protesting due to a lack of vacancies in the country. 

It is unfortunate that we can’t come out of this box yet. We are a developing country yet. The economic growth rate is going down significantly. Thus, as a nation, are we yet in a vulnerable position? Whether we like it or not, that is the reality. 

Jobs In The Private Sector: This sector contains many job positions, but it lacks candidates. Also, qualifications that this sector demands are difficult-to-fulfil ones. Anyway, that is the right standard. In developed countries, more opportunities are there for skilled workers. 

In the Sri Lankan private business sectors, skilled workers get the top spot. However, our country lacks the right candidates to fulfil those vacancies. Across the Internet, thousands of Sri Lanka jobs are vacant now. 

  • Certain age limits restrict candidates.
  • To what extent the candidate can handle the English language is a prime element.
  • Most employers in this sector demand years of experience. 
  • The person who owns a private organization may not hold any educational qualifications. Unfortunately, his/her employers, who are well-qualified individuals, have to work under that particular organization owner. 

Sri Lanka Jobs

When analyzing these factors, we can understand that the current situation of the country is not positive. Therefore, significant changes needed to modify the whole system and start everything from the beginning. 

Why private Sri Lanka jobs lack the right candidates? Even though free education is functioning for the past few years, we should ask the question; does that free education system fulfil all the necessary requirements to develop a skilled workforce? 

The language barrier has become a prime reason that prevents many qualified individuals from applying for high-grade vacancies. Students who graduate from International schools in the country get more opportunities. 

The latest statistics show that only about 25% of the population speaks English. Thus, the other 75%? This language barrier has become a prime issue when applying for high-grade Sri Lanka jobs. 

The Real Scenario In The Country: Having said that only about 25% of the population speaks English, the rest, which is 75% is missing great opportunities. Unfortunately, a considerable percentage of this 75% only focuses on government jobs. 

The fact that government offices use Sinhalese for day-to-day operations is the reason behind this tendency. However, it has become a threat to the country’s development. There’s a darker side as well. Over the past few years, why past and present governments didn’t take any long-term actions to change this situation? 

We had more than enough years to upgrade this education system to meet its standards to that of developed countries. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen, holding us at the same “developing” place. 

Jobs In The Government Sectors: Applying for a job in this sector is tricky. If we honestly review the current situation, anybody can understand that many holes and misuses take place in this sector, too. Therefore, the reputation of it also not within a satisfactory level. 

You may have heard and witnessed how politicians offer jobs depending on those candidates’ political opinions. Those are the factors that hold us at the same place. 

What The Government Should Do?: First of all, the education system needs modifications. Through school or university years, a highly-skilled worker should be moulded. Anyway, Sri Lanka jobs have to be suitable for such qualified individuals. If not, they all will leave our country for foreign jobs. 

It is unfortunate that the country’s geniuses have already left the land because of this job issue. Also, the rates or standard salaries stay at lower levels. Across the Internet, you will come across thousands of vacancies, but the rates or salaries that you can earn through those jobs remain below 25,000. However, the minimum living wage is over 40,000. Thus, a considerable percentage of the country’s population spent a hard life due to a lack of money. 

Sri Lanka Jobs

The government should create more and more Sri Lanka jobs. Those created jobs should go into the hands of right candidates according to qualifications and work experience, but not through political connections. 

Though an education system that creates students who know technical subjects, the country should move forward as an industrial country. Also, agriculture needs modifications. This modification should enhance their lives to a greater extent. As a result, we can change the saying, “which qualified individual does agriculture?” 

In the meantime, the government should search for methods to give value to jobs. Whether the job is a doctor position or a tea factory worker, but the right value that is given is the factor that determines the quality of life. “He/she is only a minor worker!” We often hear this statement in this country, which is unfortunate. 

In developed countries, even a carpenter earns more money than a doctor would make here. Now it is time to develop ourselves as one nation. The government and the private sector should create more Sri Lanka jobs. However, the country’s government should facilitate the private sector for it. 

Closing Thoughts: To come out of the box, “a developing country,” many systems in the country needs modifications. The government should create more job positions. Also, the education system needs upgrades that develop skilled workers in the end. 

Students, on the other hand, should focus on technical subjects. Mastering traditional subjects, thinking that becoming a graduate through it is easier is a disastrous mindset. 

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