The Many Types of Shower Screens Melbourne to Consider

Shower Screen Melbourne

Upgrading your shower screen is a low-cost yet effective way to give your bathroom a facelift. It is possible to update the appeal of your bathroom without undertaking a major remodel by installing one of the many contemporary and attractive shower screens Melbourne has to offer.

We’ll have a look at some of the most popular shower screens Melbourne today. In addition, we will provide a few Melbourne-based product suggestions for each of these kinds of shower screens. So, keep reading to learn more about the contemporary shower screens we’ve been talking about today. Reading this post will help you choose which one is ideal for your situation.

Before we get started, let’s clarify what a shower screen is

It’s right there in the title. It’s either a glass shower screen or a set of fixed panels. It serves as a barrier to keep water from dripping out of the shower and onto the floor. It’s more durable and more effective than a typical shower curtain.

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Shower Screen Melbourne

Framed shower screens Melbourne

For busy family bathrooms, fully framed shower screens Melbourne are a popular option. Glass panes supported by an aluminium frame give a complete enclosure. There are a vast variety of solutions for bathrooms of all shapes and sizes to choose from. 

For families and budget-conscious homes, a fully framed shower screen is an excellent option. This completely framed model is of great value. It is stronger than any other shower screen on the market.

Frameless shower screens

There are several advantages to frameless shower screens Melbourne, such as their clean lines and lack of frame construction. The glass panel is supported by little hardware, giving it a clean, contemporary look. 

To maximize space in a tiny bathroom, frameless shower screens Melbourne are a good option. This elegant shower screen is made to the highest standards and is guaranteed to improve the aesthetics of your bathroom.

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Shower Screen Melbourne

Semi-Frameless shower screens Melbourne

These shower screens Melbourne are framed, although the frame is far less obvious than in other framed shower screens. They have the same strength as framed shower screens but are more aesthetically pleasing, looking more like frameless ones. When it comes to shower screens, they are an excellent option. Both have beautiful patterns and may be used in any bathroom.

Sliding-door shower screens Melbourne

Using a sliding door shower screen saves a lot of room. Even though they provide the same amount of space as closed enclosures, they save a significant amount of room since the doors do not open either outwards or inwards. They’re a great option for restrooms with limited space.

A Framed Pivot Door Screen

The more typical choice is one with this style of display. If you didn’t have a shower curtain when you were a kid, you undoubtedly had this in your bathroom. For this reason, the size of your bathroom should be taken into account while deciding on this option. Shower doors need a certain amount of clearance to open, so larger bathrooms are preferable.

Shower Screen Melbourne

Fixed Panel Screens

The drying chamber is accessible through a single, frameless glass panel. There are fixed panel screens that are better suited for bathrooms with more space. With this, you can still have a functioning shower area while maintaining the aesthetic of a simple place.

The Dimensions of the Bathroom

If you’re remodelling or constructing a new house, you’ll need to know exactly what materials you’ll be dealing with before even considering shower screens Melbourne. How much space do you have? The first step in creating a floor plan is to take the dimensions of the whole bathroom from wall to wall. Place all other things on the floor layout to see how much room you have left for the shower.

Include essentials like a toilet, vanity, and, if there is room, a bathtub. The location of the shower and, more significantly, the size of the shower may be determined by doing this. There must be a minimum of 930 by 930 millimetres of area available to you. With more room, better and more elegant shower spaces may be created.

Evaluate the available space and choose the best location for the shower. Consider how the shower door will open and close. Is it safe to open it outwardly, or will it strike something? It is important to consider whether or not you will require a sliding shower screens Melbourne door, or if you can get away with a walk-in shower enclosure that does not have a shower screen.

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