Interesting Factoids I Bet You Never Knew About Wall Mirrors Melbourne

wall mirrors melbourne

Here are some interesting factoids I bet you never knew about Wall Mirrors Melbourne. Are you aware of the fact that it has been said that if you see a mirror with the Cherry On Top in the frame, then the person viewing the mirror is seeing an image of their own life reflected back?

Now this is true as well as false. If the image is above the level of the floor where the mirror sits, then the individual seeing the image is actually seeing their own life reflected back at them from the floor level. Whereas, if the image is below the floor where the mirror sits, then the person seeing the image is seeing their life reflected from the top of their own head, and not the cherry on top of the image.

When the cherry-on-top becomes exposed, and the image starts to get lowered due to the weight of the person standing beneath it, then a freakish situation occurs. The image in the mirror at the top of the wall comes into view, and the individual standing underneath the image is now seeing their life depicted in the lower half of the wall. So yes, you will always need a high quality photo frame under your mirror to keep the image at eye level.


wall mirrors melbourne

But did you know that there is a decorative wall mirrors Melbourne that is called the cherry on top wall mirror that you can buy that will allow for you to be able to lower the cherry on the top part of the wall, and still see your image at eye level? The name of the decorative wall mirror is the Bells-Eye view wall mirror. It can make your life much easier when you use these special wall accents. And the great thing is that the Bells-eye view decorative wall mirror comes with a wall mount base that will allow it to sit flush against any wall in your home. It really is that great a decorative wall accent!

Now here are some more interesting factoids about people who like to have these mirrors in their homes. For example if you are a woman, or a person who happens to love color, you will be blown away by the many different colors that the Bells-eye view decorative Wall Mirrors Melbourne comes in. Some of the colors that it comes in include colors such as: burgundy, electric blue, hot pink, and lime green. Wow! So what colors? Did you ever wonder that before?

Wall Mirrors Melbourne

If you happen to be a fan of the sea, then you may enjoy the great factoids about the decorative sea mirrors that you can buy. You can find many different styles of sea and land mirrors that you can place on the wall of your bathroom or wherever else you desire. So not only can you use them to decorate your home by adding a little bit of color and a decorative touch, but also you can use them as a great way to reflect the ocean water upon them. What a great idea!

Finally, I am going to share with you some interesting factoids that I have uncovered from my own personal experience. Many people have told me that they never realized until they had lived in their home for a year or two ago just how many things have changed since they first purchased their homes. This has to be one of the most interesting factoids that I have ever heard. How is that for a factoid? That was my question to you.

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